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Experts – created not born April 23, 2007

Posted by Al in : interesting,science , trackback

It’s long been believed that the top achievers in their fields must have been born with a natural ability to help them reach their position. However, this informative article pulls together a number of studies which seem to prove that theory wrong. More important than any innate ability is the application of “effortful study” – which means constantly striving to learn more, and not relaxing an becoming habituated. This has been found to be true in the majority of fields which were investigated, and looks to be expandable to cover all subjects. I found this very interesting, and I hope you do too. One intriguing piece of advice I found was: if you want your child to do well in sports, try to arrange their birth for September or October, as they will then be physically more developed than others in their school year and so have more opportunity to succeed.


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