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An audience walks out on Mike Daisey April 23, 2007

Posted by Al in : art,video,weird , trackback

On TV channels in the UK we often get “specials” where one “star” responds to well rehearsed questions from their peers. These are normally called “An audience with …”, but in Mike Daisey’s case the audience were definitely not “with” him at all. In fact, just as he was comparing New York to sex with Paris Hilton, the audience all walked out. This was obviously rehearsed as well (by the protestors), but his reaction definitely wasn’t. What it was, was quick, restrained and then from the heart. I think what the protestors have done is actually created a great piece of advertising for Mike Daisey – I’d never heard of him before, but now I’ll always remember his name and be interested in what he has to say, especially after seeing the way he dealt with this assault on his pride and his livelihood.


1. Jim - May 15, 2007

My son was there
One thing most people are missing. It seems to me, Mr Mike Daisey, knew before he posted on youtube, who this group were and came from. In the info area of the clip It states 87 members of a Christian group. why?
I talk to him about this in messages ,he said he had posted before he knew who they were. It does not look that way to me . The one that puts the clips on youtube, are able to pull their clips, and repost, They can remove comments and block viewers from making a comment. Which he did to me.
Day of walk out 4-19-07
Talked with Cindy L. from the school and the man the poured water David 4-20-07 acording to news papers and his site.
Youtube shows posted 4-21-07.
Why? After reading much about Mr. Daisey and his followers. I think I have the answer.
Seems as he forgave 1 and punished 86 others lets not count the other 11 adults just the 75 kids that were 14-17 years of age.
He heard there cries with their comments .
They were high school kids from s. California .there for choral competition.
To date 5-14-07 more info still shows Christian group. He said 4-21-07 is a repost .but he did not amend info even if posted on the 20th. 3:40 pm . he talked to lady ,Cindy L. from the school, in the am of the 20th .what some will do in hopes of making money and fame