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Cool floating tap fountain April 15, 2007

Posted by Al in : clever,design , trackback

When I’m rich I want one of these:


1. Will - May 5, 2007

It works by a pipe supporting and giving water to the faucet.

2. Will - May 5, 2007

…under the stream of water.

3. Al - May 5, 2007

You’re right – it does.

I still want one though!

4. Martin n Bex - May 12, 2007

tjese are so cool, i first saw one in france, i want one in my back garden 🙂

5. Douglas - May 15, 2007

The pipe is a lie. There is nothing ‘magical’ about this tap. Its simply water pressure refined and concentrated – physics in action. I love it.

6. Al - May 16, 2007

Douglas – so would it be best not to have one of these if you live in a windy area? Do they get blown of the top of the water spout, and then have to be rebalanced?

7. Wanderer - November 26, 2007

lol douglas, thats the worst bs i’ve ever heard. refined water pressure? roflcopter

8. Taylor - September 30, 2008

My dad was the guy that made the first of these, in sunderland, England. IT was bright orange and scared the crap out of me as it was a lot larger than this.

9. Marissa - April 3, 2010

This floating tap is cool.
But it’s NOT magic at all.
Still love it, bytheway.

10. Shakira - April 3, 2010

It is very nice to look at.
I like it …….

11. Franklint - October 23, 2010

I like that a couple of people are making a point of pointing out that this fountain is NOT magic.

Thanks for that, I was convinced the tap had been enchanted by a wizard.