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Linfen, China – no longer the most polluted April 9, 2007

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For the past five years Linfen has been the most polluted place on Earth, a fact that it’s 3.5 million inhabitants must surely have noticed every day. For nearly half the year the air is considered dangerous to humans, and for the rest of the year black soot settles slowly across the whole city. Getting a tan is highly unlikely, but dying from respiratory disease is common. So the populace will be glad to know that they are now no longer the most polluted place on Earth, that honour now falls on another Chinese city, but I’m sure they’d really like to know when they will be able to see the sun again; able to air their washing outside; and to be able to swim in their river, which is the most polluted as well. There’s a lot more detail and depth in this article from the Guardian.


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