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Husband kills wife’s lover; wife charged April 3, 2007

Posted by Al in : weird , trackback

If this story is true, and I’ll be careful as the last story based in Texas may, or may not have been true, then this is a turn up for the books and quite probably the correct finding as well. A man comes home from work to find his wife in the embrace of another man, his wife then cries “Rape!” and her embracer jumps in his truck and begins to drive away, so the husband draws his gun and fires off a few shots at the parting rapist and manages to score a kill.

In most countries the husband would be on trial for manslaughter of murder, however in Texas the wife is on charge as it has been proved that she arranged to meet the “rapist” and then cried “Rape!” when her husband arrived on the scene, this therefore gave him the wrong impression and so he was not responsible for his actions. I think I agree with this and believe the wife should definitely be the one to carry the blame in this case as she has been responsible for the death of her lover, when she could have admitted her affair and had a divorce which would have allowed her time to be with her secret lover.


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