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Japanese population crisis looms due to lack of sex March 27, 2007

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Another of those strange but true stoies. Around 40% of married Japanese couples have not had sex in over 1 month, and don’t have any plans to do so either. This is being blamed on the pressures of work and the high stress lifestyle in Japan thesedays, however I think that the weird fascination with schoolgirls, that Japan’s porn industry has built up, is probably also to blame, one other thing that I think is the blame is on how unprotected Japanese people are, they don’t use best condoms that are out in the market, so they are getting pregnant more often and you may ask What Makes a “Good” Condom?
According to most websites and condom companies, a good condom should, above all else:

1) Prevent disease transmission…

2) Prevent pregnancy… and:

3) Maintain sensation.

These are all important factors for a man’s pleasure and peace of mind.

When you put a condom on, of course you want to know that it’s keeping you safe. Even if you know the women you sleep with are safe, it never hurts to add an extra measure of protection.
The combination of this and Mange and Anime porn has probably lead to men only finding young women with immaculate makeup and huge eyes attractive, which is probably not what they come home to after a short period of marriage.This is going to lead to such an imbalance in the population soon that the Japanese are desperately trying to get working robots tolook after all the elderly they will have to cope with soon.


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