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A mobile phone that is also a cigarette case March 27, 2007

Posted by Al in : bizarre,invention , trackback

Strange but true: an invention that combines 2 of the biggest Chinese addictions – mobile phones and cigarettes. This phone is the size of a pack of fags and can also hold 7 cancer sticks as well. Winnie’s cousin, BoBo, would probably love this as an idea as she spends half her life on her phone, and the other half smoking.


1. Bishop - March 27, 2007

You bloody reformed smokers………… “Cancer Sticks” I would call them Diet sticks, if you know what I mean Mr Portly.

2. Joe Camel - April 9, 2007

Cancer Sticks? It only comes with 7 Cigarettes, you’d have to smoke more than 7 to get cancer.