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Boomshine – addictively simple March 21, 2007

Posted by Al in : games , trackback

What could be simpler than blowing up a small number of randomly moving dots? However wait until you get to round 12, and then when you complete it and discover you are ranked #380 in the world – well you just have to have another go. I rather liked the music as well, it blends nicely with the sounds of the explosions. Play Boomshine here – and be prepared to spend some time playing it to improve your score.


1. lalalaa - May 10, 2007

omg i cant play this at my school because boomshine is blocked!!!!

2. gangster G - May 10, 2007

yo yo wadd be upp in the hizouseee! im cheeeelin in keyboardin rite now wit my homie kay and my other homies are just chilaxin. iight well…boomshine is mad chill yoo. play it or you suckk a doodle.
lata all my home dawgs.