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Self defence with a walking stick March 15, 2007

Posted by Al in : fighting,weird , trackback

This useful text (complete with pictures) details methods of how to defend yourself with a walking stick if attacked under unequal conditions. For example:


Imagine that you are walking in a lonely part of the country, carrying a light switch or an umbrella, when suddenly a foot-pad bars your way, carrying a stout stick, with which he threatens you.

It is obvious that under these conditions if you gave your assailant time to assume the offensive, he would have no difficulty in breaking down any slight guard you might offer, and in felling you to the ground. Knowing this disadvantage, and without giving him time to realise it, you must at once attack.

I, for one, often find myself walking with only a light switch in areas where footpads abound. As such I have found this article to be most pertinent to my future wellbeing, and would recommend you peruse it at your pleasure.


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