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The 300 training regime March 13, 2007

Posted by Al in : fighting,fitness , trackback

More on the upcoming film about the Spartans – “300”. The actors who starred in that film are not well known, but all look the part of hardened, sinewy fighters. The reason for this is the incredible training regime they took on for 2 months prior to shooting. The regime itself is harsh and quite scary really, but I can imagine it would feel great to be able to complete this kind of workout – you’d know you were super fit and looking good too. Watching this has made me think that maybe I should get off my arse and start training properly, because I would like to lose weight, to get a decent figure and to feel as good as these guys probably feel now – if only I could keep that feeling going long enough to get me to a decent gym, with a decent trainer, and then to keep me going to that gym for 3 months. Apparently if you can fit a training regime into your life for 3 months then you will have no problem keeping it going from then on – I’m sure I can do 3 months, can’t I?

Anyway back to this site and the training regime. The video is definitely worth a watch. The article on Eve Longoria, Jessica Alba and Lindsey Lohan is worth a read for the picture, and you can also find a link to some interesting stuff such as this “travelling rings” video as well. You can also find out more about the “300” training regime from the man who created and supervised it here.


1. Kai - August 3, 2007

Taking 300 is based on a true story, i have no doubt spartan’s were that fit, if not fitter. Us modern day humans are weak in comparission, and yes, this is what i scream to myself when kickboxing training/ etc. Keeps you going i can tell you.

2. Al - August 19, 2007

Here’s another video that shows some more of the training these guys went through.

3. Derrell Morris - September 30, 2007

my goal is to be as fit or fiter than one of those guys how do i do it ?

4. Tecius - January 17, 2008

Na man they might have been fitter as far as endurance but not in the way those guys looked remember we just learned how to make our bodies real cutt (when i say our i mean humans) a 10o ago they didnt know how to make the body look like that they just knew how to make it strong

5. Lee - January 20, 2008

Look at paintings and sculptors of the renaissance period and you will see well defined and proportioned male torsos. Of course they knew how to look ripped. They didnt have workout machines, they used more traditional methods of carrying heavy objects, horse riding etc they didnt have technology and cars helping them back in those times.