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Virgin America’s new RED seatback system February 11, 2007

Posted by Al in : clever,computers,transport,travel , trackback

Things like this make me happy to now be working for Virgin. Virgin America, which hasn’t actually started flying yet, has come up with a wonderful Linux based on-board system based around a number of central servers and some very nice 9″ touchscreen monitors in the back of the seat in front of you. You can watch VoD movies and TV, play games, chat, email and order food and drink. The reversible controller is pretty cool as well. I’m very impressed and I wonder how long this type of entertainment will take to roll out across other aircraft. I’m about to spend 12 hours on a 747 flying to Hong Kong, and I would dearly love to have something like this to entertain me – if any aircraft bosses are reading this, please can we have this kind of system with Internet access. I would spend the entire 12 hours cleaning up my sites and blogging as I went.


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