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The future of the Internet will be decided soon February 9, 2007

Posted by Al in : future,interesting,Internet , trackback

This small article caught my attention as it covers Google, Internet technology, Net Neutrality, Video on Demand, and also got me to read about Joost for the first time (they have kept popping up recently but I’ve not read all about them until now). Not only is this article reasonably informative by itself, and also has some good comments, it has links that just get you reading and thinking. This article on what Google might be up to is fascinating; whilst this article on Joost makes you think that maybe Google have finally made a mistake and missed a trick, which might cost them dearly in a couple of years’ time. For the first time in many years I think that Google may have made a mistake – buying YouTube may not have been the best option, whereas concentrating on more economical methods of delivering video might have been better.

Then there’s this article which denounces Net Neutrality as being in favour of the big boys after all, although the world has now changed and the content providers, rather than the content deliverers, are not the big boys. I work for a telecomms company that has an excellent Internet service, however congestion and over utilisation are currently one of our biggest enemies, and as the world and his dog finally get themselves broadband and then discover BitTorrent, the network is struggling more and more. I think we may actually need a premium based QoS system, or a more efficient method of delivering content, and so Net Neutrality is no longer something that I would recommend or support. If you’re interested in how the Internet is going to shape up in the next 2 years I would suggest reading all these articles and seeing where they take you.


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