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Steve Ballmer’s tiny office February 6, 2007

Posted by Al in : computers,interesting,people , trackback

Somehow you really expect the CEO of Microsoft to have an office that is a little more imposing than this. It’s hard to believe that so much money and power is controlled in such a tiny space. It also says something about the owner of such an office – it says that they really don’t have to have an acre of office, with a desk the size of a tennis court, just to impress any visitors. It says that the owner is not out to impress – just to do their job. And that is quite refreshing at this magnitude of money, after all there is no Gates Tower, or Ballmer Plaza anywhere – and this is surely a Good Thing. It even makes me happier about Microsoft products as well, something I’ve long been a fan of, even as I am in the process of installing Kubuntu onto another PC. Anyway, have a look at this little photo story.


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