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Denny Sanford donates $400m to health scheme February 5, 2007

Posted by Al in : people , trackback

It’s somehow heartening to know that despite there being a huge gulf between the rich and the rest in the USA, some of the most fortunate people are not just hoarding their money for an unknown future, but instead are willing to do some good with it now. I’d never heard of Denny Sanford before I read this article, but a man who can so easily be persuaded to fund the growth of an entire state’s health system, is alright by me. I hope he gets the recognition he deserves from the local people in the South Dakota area, and if he now gets to fall asleep with a warm feeling of having actually done some good, then good on him.

The only thing I find truly disappointing about reading this article is how little the US government contributes towards healthcare in their own country. Coming from Britain, where healthcare is free, makes me wonder how much the USA spends on other countries’ healthcare programs, whilst studiously avoiding subsidising their own. $400m is a lot for one person to find, but not much for an entire state, or a national government. I hope that the money has been well, and wisely spent and that it makes a difference.


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