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Dying for a shag January 30, 2007

Posted by Al in : bizarre,people , trackback

Nick Wallis knows he is going to die young, and given his condition also knows that he is unlikely ever to meet the lady of his dreams. So Nick decided to ask his carers to hire him a prostitute so that he could at least experience sex once before he died. I have to salute him for his bravery, because not only did he have to overcome the embarrassment of asking to pay for sex, but his carers were nuns and so the embarrassment must have been double. Nevertheless, ask he did, and I also have to salute the nun’s for considering his request in good faith and then going out and finding him a prostitute for his night of passion. Just when you thought the world was completely gone to wrack and ruin, and there was no sense or decency left, then something like this comes along, from a group of nuns no less, and shows you that some people really do care for others, rather than spend their time pontificating on what’s right and wrong.


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