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Airline kicks screaming kid and parents off January 27, 2007

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It’s about time that parents were given a clear message that they need to be able to control their children, at least sufficiently that they can get their children into a seat and prevent them from causing a danger to themselves and others around them. In this instance an airline, AirTran, gave the parents 15 minutes to get their kid up from the floor and bucked into their seats – time that all the other passengers had to waste waiting for this to happen. When the parents failed they were asked to leave the flight to allow all the other passengers to actually make the journey they had paid for. The parents have kicked up a fuss over this, claiming they were victimised and not given enough time to pacify their child.

I’m sorry, but if you can’t pacify your child, or at least control them, in 15 minutes then you are not a fit parent. Too much leeway is often given to parents, in respect of holiday preference, time off work, priority parking, extra space on public transport, etc. If you have made the decision to have children then you should really be prepared for the costs that they will exact until they are grown up – one of the biggest problems in the world today is overpopulation, and the  decision to have a child should not be one taken lightly, and should really not be left to chance. If you cannot afford a child, or feel you will not be able to cope with a child, then don’t have a child! This means taking reasonable, and sensible precautions – it’s not hard really. Anyway, back off my high horse and back to the main thread of the story – I fully support AirTran in this matter, and I hope that more airlines ( and maybe trains, buses, etc) follow their example. Parents who cannot control their children should be banned from annoying, and disrupting, other people who can manage their lives.


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