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An interesting read on Christian Fundamentalism in the US January 12, 2007

Posted by Al in : interesting,politics , trackback

This is not a quick and easy read, but it’s massively ineresting all the same. Scary too, because this Christian Fundamentalism is gaining ground across the US and threatens to spill into control of all forms of government soon. With their visions of an historic past clouding their judgement, these devout Christians will think nothing of killing those who don’t believe in their way of thinking. America may be just about to enter it’s darkest hour, particularly if it’s aircraft carriers get blown to pieces by the Iranians after recent military action in the Middle East. We could be ntering a very dark time – my only hope is that the US collapses without having too much of a knock-on effect on the rest of the world – however given it’s nuclear capability, and the possible blinkered vision of it’s next few governments, I am seriously worried, and I am considering moving to China for a chance to escape the fallout that’s due soon.


1. charles phillips - January 12, 2007

there’s a lot of it…
i sense you have moved from your previous agnostic state into the sunlit uplands of proper atheism!