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The view from the East December 31, 2006

Posted by Al in : politics , trackback

The world is starting to split into 2 factions: the West, which will include Israel, Australia and New Zealand; and the rest of the world. Currently the West still holds all the aces – money and arms being the biggies; however Russia is now exporting arms at a huge rate to other Nouveau Eastern Bloc countries, such as Iran and Afghanistan (which is ironic), and China will soon have far more money than the US and the EU put together.

This article, from The Exile, is written by ex-pats now living in Russia who are obviously much happier there than they were previously, and so they are very happy to knock the West as hard as they can. I find it interesting to see the world from this kind of viewpoint, and while I would find it hard to be so vicious, it’s still fun to read someone being quite so vindictive.


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