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GT HD – the PS3’s saving grace December 28, 2006

Posted by Al in : games , trackback

The PS3 has had it’s many critics in the last year, as it has also had it’s many setbacks and problems. The PS3 is now firmly in last place in the next-gen console wars and until it launches worldwide it has no chance of changing that fact, and as time goes by then so the numbers start to stack up against it. However the PS3 has one saving grace that will cause many people to wait and buy it when it is finally released – Gran Turismo is just so much better than any other racing game it’s worth hanging on for. And after watching the latest videos from the new HD version of GT, then I am sold already. GTPlanet has the goods, and all the information you’ll ever need about Gran Turismo as well. The links below are to some reasonably large video files, around 80-100Mb, however they are worth watching if you’ve ever enjoyed GT in the past.

The official GT-HD Trailer

Mitsubishi Evo IV at the new Eiger Nordwald

Weird Nissan/GT advert for the Skyline -worth a watch if you like Skylines

And a gallery of screenshots


1. Justyn - December 28, 2006

I think the wii is going to change the market place for games in a big way. All my family want one after playing ours over christmas including my father who is 60 next year and has never played a console in his life!
Going into work today has shown it is the same case with other people and even Phil Warlow is buying one and he’s on his way to his sixties as well.
I personally am not going to buy another console like the PS3 which just offers more of the same as the PS2 but with a bit more glitz!