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Terrorism that doesn’t get reported December 3, 2006

Posted by Al in : people,politics,scary , trackback

In America there is an ongoing terrorist assault against government and health workers. Since 1977 Anti-Abortionists have attacked, harassed and intimidated people whose only intention is to help women who are in a crisis. Yet it has to be a quiet news day for these consistent attacks to get reported, and when they are reported the reports are very careful not to take sides, as the media seldom like to become a target themselves. The same thing is going on in Britain with those fanatics who rail against animal testing – yet strangely they never volunteer themselves to be tested on instead. Currently we are focusing on Muslims as the source of all evil terrorism, yet we have our own, inherent terrorists who have been attacking society for years. They just aren’t as easily stereotyped, and so they don’t make good/easy news.


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