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Skype gaining ground – bundled with motherboards now December 2, 2006

Posted by Al in : computers,Internet , trackback

Skype is going from strength to strength, and is now the definite champion when it comes to VOIP telephony for the masses. It’s now reached the stage where motherboard manufacturers Asustek have decided to include telephone jacks again, to allow you to plug your ordinary phone into your PC to take advantage of Skype. It appears that the TeleSky adapter can deal with normal telephone calls and VOIP calls as well. If Skype is now appearing in hardware format then it won’t be long before you can have this technology in ordinary looking phones – as long as you have an “always on” Internet connection then they should provide you with both options without even needing to bother your PC. Telephony companies that don’t provide broadband must be worried.


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