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There’s bling, and then there’s BLING!!! November 26, 2006

Posted by Al in : motoring , trackback

If you like to drive down the street and have everyone stare at you then you can always buy a Corsa, stick some crappy spoilers on the back, fit a stupidly big exhaust that makes far too much noise and have your music playing at such a volume that people in the next postcode can hear your bass. People will look at you and hate you.

Alternatively you could buy a decent car, such as a BMW M3, and then spend a lot of money on having the ultimate paint job. No extra spoilers (although the M3 has all the bodykit you need anyway), no stupidly loud exhaust, and maybe this guy will listen to his music at a decent volume (although the subwoofer he has fitted suggests otherwise). Still the finished result looks very impressive and will certainly be dazzling on a bright summer’s day.


1. Earth Science lover - May 10, 2007

Bling is not good to have in our society. Please refrain from wearing bling.
ES teacher