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18 year old girl and fast car – not a good mix November 26, 2006

Posted by Al in : motoring,scary , trackback

This article contains a brief outline of a crash that occurred in California when an 18 year old girl crashed a Porsche 911 Cabriolet. Unfortunately she was doing over 100mph at the time and managed to flip the car so that it crashed roof first into a toll-booth. The pictures are quite graphic and demonstrate that an airbag really won’t protect you in these circumstances. My opinion is that her parents really shouldn’t have let her drive such a powerful car, but they probably never taught her much about responsibility for her own actions – and now they’ll never get the chance. Also the comments have a video of Conan dancing that is vaguely amusing.


1. Justyn - November 27, 2006

Got to be honest I felt that the photos on this were sick and can’t understand why anyone would want to see them at all.
As a parent all I can think is that this was sombodies daughter and I can’t imagine how they they would feel knowing that those photos were on the net.

2. Al - November 28, 2006

Indeed it was sombody’s daughter. All I can say is that you shouldn’t give your children a method of killing themselves, and others, unless you are certain that they can deal with the responsibility. As your childrem grow older make sure that they are certain of what si their responsibility, and make sure they know what they are doing. Of course teenage children are likely to make mistakes and to cause grief for those around them, however unerstanding their strengths and weaknesses is not always a strong point of kids today.

3. David Pearce - March 4, 2007

How can anyone who hasn’t had any children comment on how someone should bring up their kids. Children abuse the trust thats given to them, you give them an inch and they take a mile. About dealing with responsibilty, how do you know how your child is going to deal with the responsibility of driving a car before they have passed their test. Is there a user guide to alocating trust to your siblings? Not everything is as cut and dry as it may or may not seem aparent. Did something happen to this person before speeding off at a great speed of knots, did this person know what their child was going to do, perhaps the child didn’t give the parent any reason to doubt her. In any case the publication of these images from this site must be frowned upon, as a parent I cannot imagine how i would have felt if i came across images of my daughter dead from this web site. I think that as responsible adults we need to keep our sense of proportion in tact. We need to consider the feelings of others and having common courtsey to treat people how we like to be considered and to be treated ourselves to be paramount in our activities on the net. I agree totally with justyn about this and feel that NO EXCUSE especially from someone who doesnt have any children cuts the ice.

4. Arthur - March 5, 2007

How can anyone who has had children comment on someone who hasn’t had children commenting on ‘ how someone should bring up their kids’? A stupid argument if I ever heard one. This was such a typically common and close- minded response to the original post. Get with it Baggy.