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Maybe I should get a Wii after all November 23, 2006

Posted by Al in : gadget,games , trackback

I’m kind of against the Wii, mainly because Nintendo systems have always seemed a little bit too garish and cutesy. Playstation and PS2 always had that slightly more advanced air to them, and if the X-Box had had a decent controller, rather than a bloated boomerang affair, when it first launched, then I might have been into both the X-Box and the X-Box 360. However I have stuck with my PS2 as the only game I keep returning to is Gran Tursimo (along with TimeSplitters every now and then). After reading this review, though, I think I might have to reconsider the Wii. This seems to be an honest account of events and suggests that the Wii is simple fun – which is always a good thing. If I can’t think of anything else for Christmas then I might suggest a Wii as an option, after all they are considerably cheaper then any other console and there is always the novelty value of the WiiMote (as long as it doesn’t fly off and smash my TV screen as a lot of con artists are currently trying to claim). I’ll let you know if I get one, and if so what it’s like to play with.


1. niel - November 23, 2006

Having gone through a similar experience as this guy with the eye toy on the ps2 (accessible fun gaming for all while making a fool of yourself waving your arms madly) I can honestly say that I really want one now. After all a console that everyone can enjoy without the usual gamer mentality needed can’t be wrong.

2. Justyn - November 23, 2006

I think the wii is going to be a big step above and beyond the eyetoy as there is no real interaction with the eyetoy and it kind of feels sterile.
I’m really looking forward to the wii and my 8 year old son is almost frantic at the prospect of getting his hands on it!