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Pixelnotes – Post-It wallpaper November 21, 2006

Posted by Al in : design,home,weird , trackback

This is an intersting idea, but whether it would be usable in a home is another matter. The wallpaper is made up of Post-It notes in 4 ever darker shades of grey and then one final primary colour beneath the notes. So each little notes sized square of the wallpaper can go through 5 different colours, leading to patterns appearing across the wall as the notes are used. You can leave the patterns form organically through ordinary use, of you could generat your own pixellated pattern if you were feeling arty. This could be a very useful idea, but could also lead to you having to re-paper your wall more often than you would with ordinary wallpaper.


1. niel - November 23, 2006

this is a really cool if somewhat off the wall idea (yes a bad pun) The thought of having a constantly changing wall where the phone might be has a certain appeal and I may have to invest in this at some point.