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MyFabrik Lite – upload, share and embed files November 20, 2006

Posted by Al in : utility,website , trackback

Now this may turn out to be a very useful site. It allows you to upload files up to 1GB in size, and then share them or embed them. I just thought I’d try it with this little clip to see if it works OK.


1. Al - November 20, 2006

I guess it doesn’t work. But I’ll leave the post in place in case it’s just their server being busy at the moment.

2. Santo - November 21, 2006

there was a small glitch in our application. it has since been fixed. Please get the video here:


3. Al - November 21, 2006

All appears to be working OK now. I also found converting the file to MPEG rather than leaving it as WMV seemed to help. If this service works well then it will be very useful.