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Atheists are the new gays? Bill Gates for president? November 20, 2006

Posted by Al in : future,interesting , trackback

I understand completely where this article is coming from, and I would like to think that Atheism is slowly becoming acceptable in America. Who knows, maybe some fundamentalists will reconsider their position after using reason rather than just plain pig-headedness. But then again, just acceptance would do.

And as for Bill Gates for president – the USA could do an awful lot worse. In fact just look at everyone since Kennedy to see just how much worse they could do. Mr Gates has a proven track record in running a very large corporation, so the figures involved in the national debt wouldn’t bother him. And he also has a proven track record in helping people around the world, and this may be his only stumbling point. America is known more for invading countries and forcing it’s will on less powerful states than for it’s charitable contributions to the world. Maybe Bill could do what Rockstar have done and turn a bully into a hero.


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