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Why you shouldn’t buy a Mac November 17, 2006

Posted by Al in : computers,educational , trackback

Hooray! The Internet is currently full of smug, self-satisfied people telling the world how wonderful Apple machines are. Whether it’s a Mac, and iMac, a PowerBook or even an iPod – the world has gone Apple crazy. And if you turn around an point out that you can buy 3-4 Windows PC’s, of similar, or even better, spec for the same price they laugh, but they can’t really argue. They will point out how wonderful OS-X is, and how secure it is. I will be laughing when they get a virus, because they felt they didn’t have to run any Anti-Virus software of their super-secure OS. And finally I have found someone else on the Internet who is willing to point out that Apple hardware is not all it’s cracked up to be. I have run the same PC, running XP, for 4 years now. I have never had to reformat or reinstall Windows. I have had no viruses. Apart from a duff motherboard, which was replaced under warranty, it has started every time I have asked it to and it has never let me down. How many Mac fans can say that? How many Linux fans can say that as well? People knock Microsoft because they are an easy target – if you look at what they have done then maybe they will get the respect they deserve. In the meantime maybe Apple will get a little less respect than they currently do, which will still be more then they deserve.


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