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Yet another reason why Britain won WW2 November 13, 2006

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… the Mosquito. An amazing piece of aeroplane design that was completely unexpected, seemed ludicrous at first and yet became one of the classic planes of the Second World War. DeHavilland seemed to be going backwards when they suggested making a plane from wood, rather than steel or aluminium as was common at that time. However a wooden plane was light, fast and very cheap to source and build. You have to remember that during this war people’s iron railings and any scrap metal was commandeered by the War Office to help provide supplies for manufacturing tanks, guns, ammunition and ships. Metal of all forms was in short supply, so to make a plane out of wood was a brave piece of design that paid off well for us. The Germans came to loathe the speedy Mosquito as it could outrun their fighters even when fully loaded. Although the Spitfire always gets the press, the Mosquito was another of the great British designs that helped win the war.


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