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"V for Vendetta" – for real November 13, 2006

Posted by Al in : politics,weird , trackback

Now I rather like this. I previously blogged “V for Vendetta” immediately after watching it as I though is was a great film, with a very strong and serious political bias. Obviously I was not alone and now one man in a “V” mask has toured the doorsteps of American government to ask for a petition asking for redress on the American government’s failure to hold up some of the freedoms guaranteed by the American constitution. And on Tuesday the 14th November there are plans for 100’s of people in “V” masks to turn up at the same doorsteps to ask what is going to be done. I would love to think that this is going to happen, and then to grow into something so newsworthy the government cannot sweep it under the carpet. If anyone organises the same event in Britain, which would be even more fitting, then I think I’d be up for wearing a mask for the day.


1. Ferlinghetti Donizetti - November 13, 2006

I’ll join you Al. I fully endorse this kind of behaviour.
Brilliant stuff.