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The first Muslim American congressman November 10, 2006

Posted by Al in : politics , trackback

It’s good to see that the backlash in America has reached the stage where Minneapolis voters have elected a Muslim congressman. It’s just amazing that it has taken so long for this to happen, and I’m waiting for a reaction from the Republican party. I’m sure they will manage to suggest that this is the first chink in the American government – maybe they’ll arrest him uner one of Mr Bush’s new laws and send him to a detention camp.


1. Sher Mohammad - April 2, 2007

American Muslims can play the moderates in realization of peace in the M-E. Israel’s creation was both wrong and irreligious. Jews are still in “exile.” They are under threat of a divine hand striking Israel for violating sacred pledge that Jews foreswore to God. Once the statehood of Israel is obliterated, peace would automatically come running. Arabs and Jews have lived together for centuries. It is the Israelis that needs peace more thabn anyone else.

2. Al - April 2, 2007

I rather agree with your sentiments – Arabs and Jews never really had a problem up until the State of Israel was created after the Second World War. The one act of creating a state that had never existed before, and then giving it to a religious government rather than to a genuine democracy, is the cause of the majority of trouble in the Middle East. It may be that America’s continuing blind support of Israel is the cause of a lot more trouble since then.

Before Israel existed Jews, Arabs and Christians all shared Jerusalem with only minor squabbles – now both Arabs and Christians are second class citizens, and people whose only claim to citizenship is the religion of their mother have more sway than those whose families have lived there for many generations.