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A very good reason not to buy a Zune November 9, 2006

Posted by Al in : gadget,interesting,personal , trackback

Apart from the fact that Zune is the stuoidest name anyone has ever decided to use, there is a genuine reason why you should not buy the Zune. A percentage of the purchase price of every Zune will be passed on to Universal Music. This percentage has not been disclosed, and there is no real reason why you should be paying Universal Music when there is no guarantee that you will ever have any Universal Music music on your Zune – still you have to pay them anyway.

Why? Because Universal Music feel that people who buy MP3 players are all music thieves who may not therefore have paid their royalties – and Microsoft seem to have agreed with them. I’m sure that this is actually illegal as Universal Music are presuming you guilty, with no chance of proving your innocence – hence following in the tradition of recent changes to US law as signed in by Mr Bush. Also you, the consumer, are being charged for something, Unversal Music’s music, which you may never listen to – just in case you might listen to it and then not pay for it. So tell your friends what Universal Music think of them, and also point out that Microsoft have agreed with them as well.


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