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Diebold to withdraw from e-ballot machines November 4, 2006

Posted by Al in : invention,politics , trackback

Up until they decided to jump in and start making voting machines, Diebold had a good name as a manufacturer of reliable security equipment, whether mechanical or electronic. In just a few short years they have now become the most ridiculed and hated manufacturer of electronic ballot machines, and they may well have to withdraw their machines from the current elections in the USA. It’s a shame really, but maybe they should have put a bit of effort into actually securing their machines, then testing them, and then maintaining them properly and ensuring adequate staffing – but as they didn’t they have got what they deserved. Unfortunately maybe the Mercian electorate may get what they deserve for letting their voting rights be sold off to the lowest bidder, just as the rest of the country is being sold, piece by piece. Capitalism is great, but really needs regulation by someone who is not influenced by large companies, and until the American people realise this and ban lobbying and corporate donations, then they will just have to suffer the consequences.


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