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An affirmation of Atheism November 4, 2006

Posted by Al in : personal , trackback

When Daniel C. Dennett was rushed to hospital, dying from a ruptures aorta, he had time to think about life, death and what else there may be. In a strange epiphany he decided that there really was nothing more to it than life or death, and this solidly reinforced his lifetime views he already held. This is unusual as a lot of people who are definitely dying will often suddenly decide that maybe there is a god, and maybe there is a chance for an afterlife, and so they suddenly start praying. Not Daniel – he thanked goodness, genuine, honest, human goodness, as it was human goodness, and skill and medical practices that saved his life, as it had saved many more before.

I’m an atheist myself, most of the time, although sometimes I’m an agnostic. The one thing that is truly constant in my life is my despising organised religion and the whole church thing. I’m afraid when you get a man like Ted Haggard, who is so two-faced that this happens, then you know the church is not going far. But there are probably many, many other pastors, vicars, deacons, priests, mullahs, swafis, etc., who will preach one thing to you whilst quite happily doing the exact opposite. Hypocrisy runs very strongly through most major religions, and this makes me hate and detest religion when people try to force it on me. If someone has a religious belief and they keep quiet about it, or are willing to discuss it logically, then I have no problem. If they try ramming their beliefs down my throat then they ought to be prepared for a major debate, which I am confident on winning at any time. So well done Daniel, and I hope you get to go to prison Ted, I’m sure you’ll make someone a lovely wife there.


1. Al - November 4, 2006

Good to see that Ted Haggard has now changed his mind and decided that maybe he did know this gay male escort, but he only had massages. And that he did ask for Meth, but then threw it away and never used it – such willpower. You can read more here.

2. Arthur - November 5, 2006

It makes me wonder if he is still participating in his Moday Sessions with Bush. Personally, naked soul transportation in a coffin sounds entertaining but I would rather it be pursued as a hobby than a weekly necessity.

3. Arthur - November 5, 2006

Monday Sessions. Weekend spelling… sorry.