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Martial law? In the US? Unthinkable? Think again. October 31, 2006

Posted by Al in : politics,scary , trackback

Mr Bush has done it again: with yet another swift signature the executive powers of the president have removed another law which previously acted to protect US citizens. In a private ceremony in the Oval Office Mr Bush signed away any protection from troops, whether Army or National Guard, from interfering in local affairs. Now these troops can be stationed anywhere in the US without first conferring with local government. What I think is particularly chilling is the clause which states that the President can decide when he feels that local government can no longer deal with any issues and, once he has decided this is the case, the President can then send in troops to enforce whatever laws are in force at that time. Given that the President has the executive privilege of denying, amending or creating any laws he fancies, this new law allowing military enforcement of these laws leave the US open to incredible abuse from their beloved President.

I hope some citizens in the US are willing to do something now, and not later, or else the USA is likely to become an empire, rather than a republic, sooner or later. Why does your President have executive powers? Why is one man more powerful than all the other legally elected members of your government? Don’t you think it’s time you changed this before some madman takes control and starts wars all across the world, fails to help his own citizens, actually blows up some of your nation’s most famous buildings and those within them, fails to restore a large city after a major disaster, and funnels all the country’s wealth into large corporations owned by his family and friends? After all you wouldn’t want that to happen, now would you?


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