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P-Krunk – a rapper I can relate to October 27, 2006

Posted by Al in : music,people,weird , trackback

I hate the whole hip-hop, rap scene. I just can’t see the point of these idiots walking around “flexing” (or whatever they call it these days) with their pimped out rides and their chains hanging low. There is just now easy way of expressing my disdain for someone who needs to be that flash, all the time. And when they make their money encouraging kids to shoot each other – well I would quite happily go on a rampage if I was diagnosed with a terminal illness. That would sort the music scene out and, hopefully, put Radio 1’s idiot presenter Westwood out of business. (I don’t think I’d include him on my rampage as he’s just not worth it, but I might kneecap him instead.)

Anyway, back to the point of this post – I have finally found a rapper I like. I’ve never heard his music, or seen one of his videos, and the fact that he uses the word “shizzle” makes me cringe. But for showing up MTV, and for having his home dropped from their “Cribs” series, this man deserves serious respect. Where you ordinary rapper would open his garage door to reveal some hideous monstrosity on a vehicle, with chromed everything, ridiculously huge wheels, and a stereo that could deafen people at a mile, P-Krunk blew the show’s minds when he revealed two old, and very sensible cars which were not pimped in any way. One 1998 minivan and a 2001 Corolla later, and the “Cribs” crew dropped their cameras, and dropped P-Krunk’s home as well. I applaud this man for being very sensible, for not being a flash idiot, and for causing upset at MTV. If he could only learn to speak English, then I think Mr P-Krunk could be the best rapper ever.


1. subash chandra poudel - October 30, 2006

from which country is this p-krunk is man?? i never heard him

2. Jacob - March 2, 2007