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Aleksey Vayner – I believe you, honest! October 27, 2006

Posted by Al in : bizarre,people,video , trackback

Many people lie on their CV’s. In fact the BBC researched this a while ago and found that one in three people lie on their CV’s. However, I would imagine that these are small lies in the main, and I’m certain that the people with the bigger lies will get caught out at some point. After all, if you say you’re Cisco qualified in your CV and then cannot set up a Cisco router when you start work, your boss may just ask to see your qualifications.

But what about those people who take creative CV writing to another level; who claim to be an ace tennis player, capable of serving at 140mph; who claim to be a black belt in some un-named martial art, when the bricks they break are so obviously split beforehand; who claim to be an expert ballroom dancer, but then somehow fail to move when dancing? What about people who have made other, far more unbelievable claims in the past? What would you say to them if they made these unbelievably bold claims in a video CV – there’s no way of backing out after that, is there? I, personally, would have invited this bloke in for an interview and then laughed at him, with as many colleagues as I could gather, until he either admitted his lies and apologised, or he walked out in anger. (I don’t think I would have been too scared of his martial arts prowess, at least). Anyway, watch the video and join me in laughing too.


1. Arhur - October 27, 2006

This character has enough of Satan’s black bood pumping around his veins to fill all our humps of hate (thanks Bill).
It appears that his efforts have backfired and he is now a deserved object of ridicule (and currently unemployed as far as I can gather).
But in a world ruled by mumbo jumbo and celebrity worship it would not surprise me if he ends up on a reality tv show, signs a book deal and ends up making millions.