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Hypnotism – real after all October 23, 2006

Posted by Al in : people,science,weird , trackback

Science is finally catching up with what millions of people already knew – hypnotism is real. Although I’ve never been hypnotised, and I’m pretty certain I would not be very easy to hypnotise at all, I’ve never doubted that it does work. I know people who’ve been to see a hypnotist live and found themselves waking up at the end of the show after having been on stage, but they cannot remember any of it. I think I might look out for Paul McKenna or Derren Brown coming to a theatre near me and go see them – who knows maybe I am susceptible after all.


1. subash chandra poudel - October 30, 2006

hey dude, i also feel the same way you feel. I am also damn sure that i can also damn challenge the hypnotists to hypnotise me but i have never got to meet any one of them.