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Clever advertising in Tokyo subways October 21, 2006

Posted by Al in : clever,design,interesting , trackback

The adverts at the start of this piece are pretty standard fare, wall and floor displays, moving on to 3D sculptures. Then you start to realise the pervasive nature of these adverts, even covering the outside of the trains as well as the inside. It’s a wonder that you need to pay to ride on these trains, pretty soon the advertisers will be paying for you to use their trains to enable them to totally immerse you in their brands. But what really caught my eye was the final technique listed, where they have adverts on the tunnel walls that are synched, by sensor, to the speed of the train to provide a moving image animated by the motion of the train itself – we’re heading into the realms of SF films now, with that level of advertising. All these different styles a displayed here.


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