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Why you should stop playing MMORPGs October 19, 2006

Posted by Al in : games,interesting , trackback

This is an excellent article written by someone who has played World of Warcraft successfully, so is not embittered by any failure in the game, and who suddenly realised that maybe there was a lot more to life the just playing online games. I feel slightly hypocritical posting this, considering how much time I spend browsing, but I feel I am actually bettering myself and increasing my worldly knowledge, rather than struggling to climb the ranks in a world that doesn’t exist. I think this last point is the key element, as too many MMORPG players forget that the character they play, the world they play in and all their special abilities mean absolutely nothing in the real world (unless of course they are playing in a world that has a hard currency). Anyway, I feel this article is well worth a read – and maybe you should forward it to any friends you feel might benefit from reading it.


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