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Sunburn missiles – why the US will lose in the Gulf October 17, 2006

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Now this is a very interesting, and scary read. Did you know that Iran has a stockpile of the best anti-ship cruise missiles on the planet? Did you know that the range of these missiles covers the entire of the Gulf when launched from the rocky Iranian shores? Did you know that sending any US carrier groups inside the Gulf is practically suicide if Iran becomes involved? Did you know that this suicide may be used to allow nuclear force to be used within the Middle East? Are you scared yet? maybe you should be.


1. Alonline » America and Iran will go to war - February 12, 2007

[…] is pushing Iran as far as it can go. And this may turn out to be to America’s disadvantage as Iran has the best anti-ship missiles in the world, and would not be afraid to use them if necessary. The loss of one carrier would be a blow to the […]