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USA about to attack Iran? October 15, 2006

Posted by Al in : politics,scary , trackback

I was emailed this link by a friend of mine in America, and it’s worth a read. It looks as though Bush may well be shaping up to have a go at Iran, ostensibly because they won’t back down on their nuclear enrichment facilities, and secondly because he’s about to lose an election. After all if you’re in the middle of a war against another country that has attacked US troops, even if those troops were inside that country’s borders at the time, then the public will rally to support their boys overseas. If you are American try to do something to make a stand – if you’re not then just start worrying just that little bit more.

Has anyone else thought that if we could just get nuclear fusion working then cheap power would be plentiful and no-one would need to deal in Uranium and Plutonium any more? If fusion worked then anyone dealing with radioactive materials would automatically be a baddie.


1. Justyn - October 15, 2006

Bush really is a madman and I can easily see him making a play at Iran, after all he’s been itching to start a war for a while now.
I firmly believe that if Bush starts on Iran the middle east wil explode, after all you’d have to start thinking who is next?
My other big worry is that the evangelists will get Bush re-elected in November.

2. Arthur - October 18, 2006

I just hope not. I’d rather go with Noam Chomsky’s view that if all nuclear states heeded article 6 of the NPT and Iraq and the USA stopped backing Iran into a corner then the potential ‘explosion’ could be avoided.

That, together with Mohamed ElBaradei and the IAEA’s “efforts to prevent nuclear energy from being used for military purposes and to ensure that nuclear energy for peaceful purposes is used in the safest possible way,”

But the USA have always enjoyed an October Surprise, so who knows?
I’m sure someone does.