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More on the US "Jesus Camps" October 14, 2006

Posted by Al in : people,scary , trackback

I posted a very scary video a while back about these brainwashing “Jesus Camps” that are taking over the south of the USA. I thought they were scary – this guy knows they are scary as he has been through them. Reading this story is scary, but when you realise this was a little time ago and those camps have probably grown in strength and fervour since then I am really scared.

If you live in the USA and have any doubts, or fears, about how it’s being run and where it’s future lies, then now is the time to do something. The window of opportunity is closing and soon you will become part of a fascist, mega-religious country. You probably don’t believe this will ever happen, but your civil rights are disappearing one-by-one at the moment and the big problem is that the people who would despise this kind of behaviour and would hate to see it happen to them, well they’re also the people who will sit back and think that someone else will do their protesting and their lobbying for them. The real activists are the NRA, and the Jesus Campers, and the Intelligent Design supporters, and the Scientologists and those who believe that aliens rule the planet and all the other people who are actually bothered to get off their arses and form groups to put their case forward. Can you be bothered?


1. Arthur - November 9, 2006

Someone must have heard you Al. Let the games begin…