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Deer’s revenge October 10, 2006

Posted by Al in : fighting,funny,nature,video , trackback

This is one of the most satisfying videos I have seen in a long time. Man hunts deer, man has gun, man fails to use gun to kill deer, deer gets annoyed at being hunted, deer decides to show man that deer are not defenseless, man gets a kicking. What I really like about this, apart from the fact that a big brave hunter gets his arse kicked, is that the cameraman didn’t make any effort to help – just kept on filming. What is probably regrettable is that the man who was attacked probably felt really aggrieved at the deer attacking him – his mindset is probably such that it is all OK for him to hunt deer, but for the deer to actually fight back is terribly bad form. Hunters are really bullies if you think about it. Anyway, enjoy this clip.


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