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Kaspersky backs Microsoft against McAffee October 8, 2006

Posted by Al in : PC,software , trackback

McAffee, along with a number of other AV producers including Symantec, have recently written an open letter accusing Microsoft of shutting them out of Vista. The reason they say this is happening is because Vista comes with Microsoft’s own security programs installed and enabled, although apparently Microsoft will not be including it’s Anti-Virus software which will be available as an optional add-on. It still amuses me that the very companies who have made their fortunes by telling the world that Microsoft’s software is unsafe are now crying because Microsoft have listened and made their software more secure.

Anyway moving on to the point of this post – Kaspersky have reacted to this to say that they don’t believe Microsoft have done anything wrong and are apparently cooperating perfectly well with them. This is good to see as Microsoft bashing is easy, but making good products is a lot harder. I have seen the results of when both McAffee and Norton go wrong on a PC, and often all that’s left is to reinstall Windows. I have also seen many test results which show that McAffee and Norton fail to detect a large percentage of common viruses, whereas Kaspersky came out top of a number of recent AV tests. I am now running Kaspersky and it is very good, so far. Virus and trojan detection is excellent (a lot of spam seem to have trojans these days), and the more you look into the settings and monitoring options for Kaspersky the more you realise it does. If you are having virus issues with your computer you can check out Mac Repairs Brisbane for some excellent service and so far I would definitely recommend it.


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