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10 cool workplaces October 7, 2006

Posted by Al in : cool,design , trackback

I rather like my workplace. We sit a pods of 20, rather than in individual cubicles. The dividers are set low so visibility is good and you can talk to your neighbours over the dividers with no problem. The building is large, roomy and well soundproofed and ventilated – the air conditioning even works most of the time. We also get a good cafeteria, a pool table and free hot drinks, and we have a gym that’s very cheap indeed. But some of these 10 workplaces are even cooler. I particularly like Pixar and Red Bull as corporate offices, and Volkswagen’s Phaeton plant is like working in an operating theatre, which should help promote concentration. But best of all is the Conference Bike – all I would need is 10 friends and off we would cycle into the distance.


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