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A scary insight into who Bush really is October 3, 2006

Posted by Al in : politics,scary , trackback

This is an old article but one that reads with a ring of truth. And it’s that that makes it more scary than any other review of George W. Bush I have ever read. If he really is as cold and heartless as this review suggests then he wouldn’t think twice about destroying a country, or a race, or a culture provided it met his end goals. Now if you combine this review with the fact that many people consider Bush a front man for a secret society whose goal is solely to make more, and more money for their members, then having a man with no compassion, a drive to make money and a deep belief that all he does is right in charge of the world’s most powerful military force is not a good idea. Although America slipping down the economic rankings and running out of money for their military might offer some reassurance.


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