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More Norton bashing – use something else October 1, 2006

Posted by Al in : Internet,software , trackback

I don’y agree with knocking professional companies just for fun, but Symantec and Norton really do cause me a lot of problems in work (I work in Technical Support for an ISP and Norton is the biggest culprit in slow connections, inability to send/receive emails, and in causing other software to crash), also recent studies have shown that Norton just doesn’t cut it at detecting viruses any more. And this article makes some more points, some good some a little pathetic, on why Norton just isn’t any good any longer.

I have used Norton in the past and found it slowed my PC down and didn’t update itselg automatically or as often as I would have liked. I then used PC-Cillin for another 2 years and found that very good and easy to use – faster than Norton and updated itself regularly, sometimes several times a day, without you having to do anything – however it didn’t do very well in recent AV studies either. So now I’m using Kaspersky and it looks good so far – it’s started and running before you even log in on XP and as long as you turn off it’s pop-ups in it’s settings it’s quiet and efficient.


1. Arthur - October 2, 2006

I agree with your opinions on Symantec. It’s shit. Also, I am pleased to find out you are Scottish.
I should have guessed.