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Symantec are sulking about Vista’s security September 29, 2006

Posted by Al in : Internet,PC , trackback

It’s ironic (which means that Symantec, being American, won’t see the funny side), but for years security software makers have told everyone that Windows contains all these security holes and so is crap. The only way to restore your trust in Windows would be to buy one of their products. So now Microsoft have finally done something about their security holes and provided a more secure OS the security companies are crying foul because this will reduce their sales. Maybe if the big security companies had not spent so long telling everyone how crap Windows was then Microsoft may have bought one of them to produce it’s own security software, still the loss of Norton and McAffee would not cause me the slightest moment of pity. Working in technical support for an ISP I get to see the problems these programs cause on a day-to-day basis, so one standard security program that worked would be good for me.


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