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Global warming – happening now, not in the future September 24, 2006

Posted by Al in : nature,politics,weather , trackback

I’ve always believed that global warming was happening, although whether this was solely attributable to mankind and not to long term climatic variations was never really clear. However what is clear is that global warming is happening, and it’s happening faster than we ever thought possible. I previously doubted I would see any major changes during my lifetime, however the melting of both Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets is increasing at an alarming rate (“Alarming rate” is an often overused phrase – but if you think of what is happening and how this is speeding up then you will realise it is a very apt description after all). What can you do as an individual? Not a lot now, I’m sorry. We now need international and governmental investment to try to help reverse this problem. However bringing Russia, China South America etc on board will be almost as hard as bringing the USA into the fight. Although they are always quick to send troops to other countries and cost their electorate billions upon billions of dollars in doing so, they are completely unwilling to penalise US companies who fail to meet green standards. California is starting to do something, but too little too late. This would need Federal backing and Bush is not going to penalise big companies who pay his wages.


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